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How to order

When ordering form skypro costumes there are some things we will need from you before you can order.  First off the most important thing we need is a reference sheet.  We will need a 3 sided, flat color reference.  If you do not have one check out the links below to commission one.  Once you have your reference sheet we will then need you to fill out our  quote form and agree to the terms of service.  If your project is chosen, you will receive a email back stating that you have been selected and your quote will be given along with said email.  If you agree to the price and terms of service we will then request a 30% downpayment.  You can pay with cash, money order or paypal. once you have made your down payment you will be placed on the “paying list”.  The paying list is for people that are making payments on their suit.  We do not work on suits until they are paid in full.  Once your suit is paid in full you will then be scheduled into a month for your suit to be started (this is not a guarantee, it is only an estimate). this may take a while depending on how many other commission have paid before you. so If you want you suit sooner it is better to pay in full.

When the time comes for us to work on your suit, we will request you to send us your Duct Tape Dummy.  Your DTD must be recent, any DTD’s older than two months old will not be accepted.  We also ask you to send a pair of comfortable slippers and a tracing of your hand.  we will then post work in progress on our twitter and other social media, the only time we will send wips is to make sure markings are correct before furring.  Please do not ask for work in progress photos, we will post them as they are available.  Please be patient while your suit is being worked on, all suits are made by one person that occasionally will have help from our other helpers.  Each suit is made carefully and with love to insure you get the best we can offer!  Once your suit is completed it will be packed for shipment.  You are required to pay for shipping for your costume.  Shipping options and prices will be given to you once the suit is packed and ready to ship.  Once you have received the shipping quote and selected which service you prefer, you will be required to pay within 72 hours [3 days] of your given quote.  If more time is needed we will give you an extension.  If you receive the suit and there is something that does not fit correctly, you can send it back and we will fix it for free.  You are covered for up to two months of free repairs if anything breaks, after your warranty is up, you will then be required to pay for any damage done to your suit.  having your suit altered in any way by anybody outside of skypro costumes will void your warranty.  We DO NOT accept in any way to have our work altered by others outside of skypro costumes and we kindly ask you to contact us first with any issues you may have.










How to make a Duct tape dummy

Today will be showing you how to make a perfect duct tape dummy for your custom fitted fursuit.  First off you will need a painters suit that you can find at any hardware store.  For us we went to a local home depot and collected the necessary supplies to make our DTD.


For tape we recommend the scotch brand white duct tape, this duct tape sticks better to itself to ensure a better DTD but if you're on a budget regular silver duck tape will do, all though it is not as good as the scotch tape.  


First off make sure to have some friends help you with this project, make sure your model has used the restroom before beginning this long process. to ensure that our DTD is as accurate to our model as possible we asked the model to remove all clothing except her bra and underwear, any bulky clothing under your dtd will result in a bigger suit since we add seam allowance and movement space to our DTD when patterning our fursuit.


Now that your model is in the painter's suit you will need to tailor it to fit snugly to your model.  We first start off by pinching the back and taping around the waist line to keep it in place.  The next area is the crotch and thigh area, you will need scissors for this part.


Have your model spread their legs slightly, then make the cut down the center from the back to front following the seam in the painter's suit, you will then take each corner on the inner leg and fold the sides and tape it down.  You may sometimes notice there is now a hole in the crotch, if this occurs then just simply take some cling wrap, cover the hole and tape in place.  When taping remember to only tape in strips, taping the DTD too tightly can cut off circulation making it hard to cut off after finishing and can harm your model.


After taping the crotch, thigh and hip area it's time to move on to the feet.  It's important to tape the feet before the legs because you can end up bunching to much of the painter's suit resulting in a short leg. We ask our customer to tape half of the foot to ensure that we know exactly where the ankle ends.  If you feel there is not enough painters suit to cover the foot you can simply cover the foot and ankle with cling wrap and tape over that.  Never place tape on skin this will make your DTD experience very uncomfortable and can run the risk of your tape sticking to other parts of the DTD and ruining it, It's important that every part of tape has a backing.


You can now finish taping the leg, once you are finished you are halfway there. Make sure your model is okay and remember to stay hydrated during the making of your DTD it will get hot for your model so turning on a fan can help improve the comfort of your model.


Now on to the arms, you will need your model to place their arm straight out making sure it is level with their shoulder, if you fail to do this you will end up with arms that don't fit limiting your mobility and can be uncomfortable.  In this video we are using a old camera tripod that our model can hold onto so her arms do not get as tired. just like the crotch you will need to cut the armpit of the painter's suit to make sure it is snug to your model.  Using cling wrap to cover the remaining hole left by the cut.


Before taping the rest of the arm you will need to cover and tape the hand just like the foot.  We ask that you tape your hand so we know exactly where your wrist is on the DTD.  Once you have finished taping the hand and wrist you can now finish taping the arm and chest. another important area is the neck, make sure to tape as close to the neck as possible but also make sure not to make it too tight!


This can be very dangerous for your model if you make the tape too tight!  Once your model is completely taped, double check for any areas you may have missed.


It's time to mark where you will cut on the DTD.  It’s important to make dashes on the DTD so when taping it back together the dashes will show you where to line it up again, we start by cutting the arms and legs.


For the arms cut about 5 inches past the elbow and 5 inches past the knee.  If necessary you may need to cut more depending on your model.  You will need to make another cut starting from the back of the neck down the center to about your models tailbone.  If using one of the painters suits this cut will not be necessary as there is a zipper going down the chest, just make sure not to cover the zipper with tape!

You will then gently pull the DTD off your model, if more cutting is needed then cut more until your model is free from the DTD, the final step in your DTD is taping up the seams where you cut them, folding the DTD for shipment.

Suit styles

Skypro Fursuits only offers fullsuit commissions, below are the different styles you can choose from.  All suits will come with a head, feet, paws, body and tail and any extras your character might have like wings, horns, etc.  Extra heads, paws, feet, and tails can be added to your order during the negotiation of your quote.

-Plantigrade-  plantigrade suits will be our least expensive suit starting at $2,200+

-Digitigrade- Our digitigrade suits come with everything, built in padding with zippers and pockets to unstuff for traveling.  Slip on feet paws (with slipper inside), indoor or outdoor.  Hand paws, stuffed toony or normal. And a tail that is attached to the body.  These suits start at $3,000+


-Artistic freedom- An artistic freedom is you giving us freedom to make you a custom character. of course we will still ask what your favorite colors are and what species you are looking to have made.  You will also have the option to choose what style of hand paws, feet paws, digitigrade or plantigrade and small details you may want with your costume.  Price can be anywhere from $3,500+

-Full freedom experiment- A full freedom is you slapping down the cash and giving us the chance to use our crazy mind to create and experiment with new things that may possibly result in a one of a kind suit!  We love to change things up!  A lot of our work is consistent and spicing things up is very refreshing!  Although there is a catch, when we get orders like this we tend to go crazy and add a lot of detail, so we do have to charge more. We do how ever consult with you before the suit is started to talk about what we want to do and also provide a concept over skype to make sure this is something you will love!  Please be aware that this will take longer to build.  Prices start at $3,500+

-Plush suits- We love making plush suits!  Our first one was Cerros the clydesdale and we would love to make more!  So if you down for getting a cute adorable one piece suit (head, feet, tail, paws are attached to the body and a zipper entry in the back) that looks just like a plush stuffed animal then feel free to contact us!  This suit is more detailed and will require a handler when suiting.  We also suggest this type of suit for only experienced suiters as they do get hot quickly.  This suit will also require a DTD with a head attached along with measurements and will take longer to build.  Prices start at $4,000+

-Dutch angel dragons- This complex type of suit will cost more. The detail put into any angel dragon suit takes way more time to create. Before ordering a dutch angel dragon be sure to check out


reference sheets

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