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Terms of sevice

Payment- When making a payment of the priced agreed upon commissioning 30% is nonrefundable, once your costume is started 50%  is non refundable.  Once your costume is received 100% of your payment is non refundable.  If you are making payments you will be required to pay your fixed amount every 1st of the month.  If you are making a payment by paypal please notify us by email that you have made a payment each time, if you fail to do this the payment will not be recorded and may end up getting lost and your suit might not end up being scheduled until we can find the payments. we are not responsible for any lost payments.


Age- you must be 18 years or older to order.  If you are under the age of 18 you will need your parent or guardian to order for you.


Quotes- Any quotes given to non buying customers will become void after commission closing.  If you are accepted your quote will be what you pay unless buyer adds to their order.


Concept art- Please provide us with a 3 sided flat colored reference.  If we feel your reference is to hard to read we will ask you to renew your reference or use our free line art.  If you have any changes you would like to make to your character before we begin you are welcome to do this, but there may be a changing fee depending on how extensive the change is.  This will also only be valid if we have not started on the suit.  No changes are allowed once work on the suit has begun so please make sure you are final with your character before submitting.


DTD- We ask that you send us a DTD following our tutorial video, if you fail to follow it correctly your suit may end up not fitting correctly.  Please make sure your DTD is made off of you not a friend or family member.  If you are the wearer/owner of the costume you will need to make a DTD of your body.  Any DTD we deem unsuitable or wrong will be thrown away and you will need to make another.  All DTD will be tossed away after the suit is delivered and fits the customer, if you would like you DTD sent back please notify us before the suit is packaged for shipping.


Work in progress photos/updates- Please do not ask for them!  We love providing you with wips but sadly it slows down production.  We will however, if we feel it’s necessary, send you pictures of a taped up version of your suit to confirm that the markings are correct/to your liking. any other wip will be posted to our twitter and other social media.  All updates will be posted to trello so please refrain from asking about updates unless there is a concern about your costume, any concerns should be directly addressed to us via Email.


Shipping- All quotes provided do not include shipping.  Shipping quotes will be provided after the suit is packed for shipping and weighed.  Once your quote is given you will have 72 hours to pay your shipping fee, if more time is needed you will be given an extension but please let us know.


Return shipping- In the event an item needs to be shipped back to us for alteration or repair you must contact us prior to shipping to get the correct shipping address from us.  We have a PO box for all business mail to be sent to as it is a secure location.  We are not responsible for stolen packages sent to our residential address without authorization.


Canceling- If you have found that you no longer wish to continue with your commission and want to cancel please remember that if you have paid your 30% down payment that this is 100% non refundable.  If your suit has begun work 50% of your quote is non refundable and if you have received the suit then 100% of the money you pay is non refundable.  This is NOT negotiable.  This is to cover cost of work and materials.  If you cancel at 30% and we have purchased the material, no you may not request it to be sent to you, this is part of skypro costumes agreement.


Warranty- Your suit when delivered come with the skypro fursuits warranty good for 2 months.  If there are any issues we are more then happy to take the suit back and fix what might be needed for free as long as it is found to be a makers flaw.  After your warranty is up you will then need to pay for any repairs.  Under no exceptions do we allow anybody outside of skypro fursuits to alter our work and we ask our customers to come to us first so that we can fix the issue.  We will not update any suits older the 5 years unless found that it can be done without replacing major parts.


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